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What is a Trademark Assignment?

Once a Trademark is registered, the owner of such trademark has the right to sell, lease, assign or license the trademark to another person as per his/her wishes. The trademark can be assigned through an Assignment Agreement, or even just licensed as per a Licensing Agreement depending on what the owner wants to do.
If a trademark is licensed, the ownership still vests in the hands of the original owner and the licensee is the person who has the right to monetize on such a trademark, as per the terms and conditions of their licensing agreement. The trademark can also be assigned to another person, which vests the ownership of the trademark into the hands of the other person and such assignment of a Registered Trademark must be recorded at the Trademark Office.

Benefits of a Trademark Assignment

Increases Brand Value
If a trademark is licensed to another company or entity, that entity will help promote the said trademark, thereby increasing the reach of the owner's a trademark/company. This is because both entities will share resources to build the value and awareness of the brand/mark.
Credit Due Given
If a Trademark is registered but the owner is not able to monetize or move forward on the same, he can assign the rights to another person for a good price and earn money out of his trademark, rather than having a Registered Trademark that cannot be monetized upon.

Documents we need

Details of both the parties to the Assignment
Trademark Registration Certificate
No Objection Certificate(NOC)

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Trademark Assignment starting from