The time restriction or deadline for filing a legal notification reply varies from case to case, depending on the kind of lawsuit involved. Depending on the nature of case, it might take anything from 15 to 45 days or even two months. For example, in the event of a disagreement over a dishonoured check or a cheque bounce, the receiving party must respond within 30 days after receiving the notice. It is critical for the redevelopment.
It is not obligatory to respond to a legal notice, but it is vital to do so while keeping in mind the existing rules, because failure to do so might be used to show guilt or provide the sender an advantage in a court of law. It’s critical to respond to these notices and defend oneself. At LGL, we have experienced attorneys who can assist in drafting a legal notice that meets your required demands and is of the greatest quality.
A show cause notice is a notification issued to a person by any authority, such as the government, employer, government employee, passport authority, and so on, in order to get a response with a plausible reason why no action should be taken against the person for a defaulting conduct they committed.
Although it is not required to respond to a legal notice, it is preferable to respond correctly to the notice while keeping in mind the applicable laws. If client believe such a legal notice is fraudulent and issued against them with malicious purpose, client have the option of taking legal action.