The terms and conditions of the rental agreement must be documented in a legally valid manner. According to some conventions and legislation, the lease agreement or rent agreement must be written in a certain manner.
Landowners have a custom of sealing rental/lease agreements for just 11 months in order to avoid having to register them with the local competent authorities. A rental agreement that lasts longer than 11 months must be registered in order to be legally enforceable under the Indian Registration Act.
If the Rental Agreement is made for more than one year, then it is required to be registered. However, if the Rental Agreement is made for less that one year, you are only required to pay the Stamp Duty.
A rental agreement with stamp duty paid is regarded as a lawful and legally acceptable document with evidential value since it is accepted as documentary evidence in courts. To be legally legitimate, the rental agreement draught should be printed on stamp paper with a stamp value that complies with each state’s Stamp Act.
No, not without the tenant’s consent. During the period of the rental agreement, the landlord and/or his colleagues have complete access to examine and visit his property. This provision should be written out in full, and the owner should give the renter enough notice before visiting.
Rent is different from lease, as a rent is not a long term contract as lease, and therefore a rent is on a month to month basis.