Our Story

Let’s Get Legal was born out of multiple necessities that people all across India are currently facing with regards to receiving affordable, timely legal help for personal and business requirements. One of the driving factors for our inception was the need for the legal industry, like many others, to adopt a digital forward/online first approach in servicing clients. Setting up appointments over lengthy phone calls, waiting in never-ending lines, and multiple back and forth have led to an overall stagnation in the quality of legal servicing. Let’s Get Legal aims at being the one-stop shop for all your legal servicing needs. We help with terms of legal drafting for a number of agreements, as well as quick, effective, and affordable dispute resolution and consultancy. Our vision is to create a link between legal help and convenience while emphasizing trust and transparency.

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Let’s Get Legal

Our Mission

Let's Get Legals primary mission is to provide people with expert legal advice and solutions to resolve their legal issues, no matter what their financial situation is, and no matter if they are from a small town or a big city. Making Legal Services accessible for everyone. 

Our Vision

Let's Get Legal’s vision is to provide timely legal help in any situation at an unmatched level of quality and expertise to people at a price that is affordable to everyone. No one should be denied the legal help they require and we aim to help anyone that comes to us to the best level possible.

Meet the Founders

Bharat Bagla


Bharat Bagla obtained his BBA-LLB degree from Amity Law School. He regularly advises on property and family-related issues, and his expertise lies in commercial and personal contracts/Agreements and dispute settlements.

Pratyush Kalro


Pratyush Kalro obtained his BA LLB degree from Alliance School of Law, Bangalore. His areas of expertise include contract negotiation and drafting of a wide range of contracts/agreements in the business and property sector and start-up consultancy.


A dedicated Case Manager ensures quick turnout to all your queries and tailored solutions that fit perfectly for your requirements.


All your drafting queries are addressed, understood, and delivered with quality under 72 Hours.




Our team of dynamic professionals is well experienced and extremely proficient to cater to your needs, ensuring the best service.



We are available to address and clarify all your queries round the clock. So you can worry less and focus more on the business.



Rohit Mehra Actor

I am entirely happy with the services provided by LGL. Everything that was promised has been delivered, and I consider myself fortunate to have chosen LGL for my Artist Management Agreement. The team was quick and dynamic and readily available.

Devi Giannetti Actor and Model

Working with LGL was a pleasure, and the experience exceeded my expectations. LGL sets a whole new standard of excellence that is hard to find, in India. Mr. Bagla took the extra mile to help me out even during the peak of pandemic. Thank you so much LGL for making the process so seamless!

Varun Patel Actor

I would certainly suggest LGL to everyone who needs Legal Consultation. The amount of legal knowledge they possess in the Media and Entertainment Domain has taken be aback in surprise. Thank you so much Team LGL for helping me out and making legal things so easy for me.

Aman Hussain Entrepreneur

I called for registering my Private Limited Company. My first conversation was with Mr. Kalro who was of such great help. I was given thorough walk through of the process and all my queries were addressed.And the entire process was extremely easy and hassle-free. Excellent customer service

Avinash Dutta Self-Employed

Overall, I had a fantastic time. At every stage, every member backed me up. Services are quick, clear, and hassle-free. I appreciate the LGL team's support. Highly recommended for anyone who's looking for Legal expertise and consultation. Quick response and great service is what you get at LGL.