In the given case when the police are not willing to register the victim’s FIR of money fraud which is a serious cognizable offence under IPC. The victim can seek the following remedies to register his/her complaint. 

Trademark Bullying Case Law

 Monster vs. Vermonster – The trademark holders of the energy drink “ Monster” filed a suit against the brewery that manufacturers the beer of “ The Vermonster. “ The makers of Monster energy drinks argued that the name of Vermonster would confuse consumers. This case was dismissed because there was a clear cut difference between […]

Service Level Agreement

A contract between two parties is known as a Service Level Agreement. The consumer or client is one party, while the service provider is the other. The terms of the transaction are stated in this agreement, along with the responsibilities of the parties.

Predatory Pricing under Competition Law

Predatory pricing is a strategy that involves temporarily charging less than what it costs to produce goods in order to harm competitors and, ultimately, increase profits. The use of predatory pricing increases market power.

Amendments under Labour Law

In 2019, the Ministry of Labour and Employment introduced four Bills on labour codes to
consolidate 29 central laws.

Laws Protecting Womens Rights in India

Women are the backbone of every society, as they deliver multiple roles, being a mother, a daughter or a capable colleague. In a country like ours, where women are treated as Goddesses, there are also certain sections where women have long been subject to the discrimination and tortures inflicted by the so-called patriarchal society.
Presence of a woman is a blessing as having women in our societies is the only reason for our existence and we must always endeavour towards protecting the rights and dignity of women, in every way possible.

NN Global Merchantile Pvt. Ltd. Versus Indo Unique Flame Ltd. & Others

The case of N.N. Global Mercantile Pvt Ltd. v. Indo Unique Flame Ltd. & Ors. discusses very interesting issues, the first being the application of the doctrine of separability of an arbitration agreement from the underlying substantive contract in which it is embedded; second, whether an arbitration agreement would be non-existent in law, invalid or un-enforceable, if the underlying contract was not stamped as per the relevant Stamp Act; and third, whether

Everything about Double Patenting

A patent protects an invention relating to a product or a process that is new, involving inventive steps, and capable of industrial application.