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What is Payment and Refund Policy?

A Payment and Refund Policy is a document setting out the payment terms, and the conditions and circumstances under which a user can apply for a reimbursement of the sum paid for a product or service. A Payment or Refund Policy dictates the terms of any payment, refund or return which may be offered by the website or eCommerce store. It is understood that in today’s world it is hard enough to earn trust in the online business, and it further gets difficult when you fail to offer your users or customers refunds that should be rightfully provided in case of a defect. A potential user or customer will be more willing to take a chance on a service or product that they haven't tried before when they know there is a reasonable payment and refund policy. Offering no refund policy, or making your terms difficult and time-consuming to follow, will cause many users or customers to opt for other brands, product or service providers. Hence. It is important to have a well drafted payment and refund policy and we at LGL, perfectly understand how to cater to your needs.

A Payment and Refund Policy must include the terms and forms of payments the business is offering and also the conditions and circumstances when a user can opt for a refund and when a user cannot get a refund. It should also include the time period within which a refund will be initiated and when the same will be reflected in the user’s account.

Why do you need a Payment and Refund Policy?

Provides Clarity

It ensures that there is proper clarity in the process of payment and refund if any need arises for such refund, thereby reducing the confusion of customers availing such services.

Establishes Trust

Having a strong Payment and Refund Policy instills trust in the eyes of the customers, who feel that their money is in safe hands and they will not be cheated off their money.

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