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What are Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions are a contract between your or business and the user or customer, which serves to set out certain rights and obligations between the parties. It is a set of regulations that the user or customer needs to follow, in order to use the services of your business. Terms and Conditions, therefore, is a document that helps in dealing with problems or preventing them in the first place. It is important to specifically write Terms and Conditions for your business, as all businesses are not the same and what your business requires would not be needed by other businesses, it will clearly set out the rules and guidelines to be followed and ensures that no claims last against it, that are filed with the intention of deceitness.

Why are Terms and Conditions important?

Protection of Rights
Terms and Conditions set out ways in which your services, products, or contents may be used by the users or customers. They are also crucial in protecting your content from copyright issues as well as protecting you from potential liabilities.
Covers all aspects
The Terms and Conditions with regards to your business will cover commercial terms such as usage, price, delivery, and payment terms. It also limits your liabilities, disclaiming your liabilities for failure or delay caused by force majeure events, protecting your intellectual property and risks with regards to your business.
Written Terms and Conditions provide certainty and are easier to enforce. If there has clearly written Terms and Conditions then it will be much easier to establish the conditions for breach of contract. It is better to have a set of clearly drafted Terms and Conditions than to be involved in lengthy and costly litigation.
It provides clarity about what should happen in any given situation. It further sets out key terms you are offering to your users or customers and helps the parties to understand their duties, rights, roles, and responsibilities, whilst using your services or product.
Confidence and Consistency
Having a clear set of terms and conditions helps you to deliver a consistently good level of customer service. A written Terms and Conditions help you to manage your users’ expectations in relation to the use of services or products, their delivery, and payment.

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