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What is Trademark Objection Reply ?

It is important to understand that a Trademark Registration Application goes through several procedures before getting registered. One important stage for the trademark application is the registry examination stage. The Examination is done essentially to see that there are no rules or procedures broken by the applicant. After going through the application, the examiner might either pass the application in case of no errors and register the trademark, or might raise objections and alert the applicant and their attorney to appropriately reply to the same, so that the trademark application is not rejected.
One must always reply to an Objection by the Examiner to avoid abandonment of the application. Failure to reply within one month of such objection would lead to the rejection of the entire trademark application.
We, at LGL, understand the importance of getting a Trademark registered and take utmost care of our client’s needs to ensure that the trademark is registered duly. We will draft the Objection reply with our highest expertise to ensure that the trademark is thereafter duly registered.

Common Reasons for Objections of a Trademark

Deceptively Similar Marks
If there are marks that are deceptively similar to another trademark that has already been registered, an objection can be raised against it.
Mark not Unique
If the brand or mark logo that you are trying to register as a trademark is not unique or distinctive in its own way, an objection can be raised as to what is unique about it.
Vague Explanation
If the goods or services being provided are not explained properly, then it is liable to be objected to.
Wrong Trademark Class
If you have applied under the wrong trademark class itself, then it is liable to be objected to by the examiner.
If there are any mistakes in the application, then it is liable to be objected to and/or rejected.

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