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what is Trademark Opposition?

Once a trademark is registered, it is posted in the Journal of Trademarks registered in India. Any third party has the right to oppose the registration of such a trademark within a time period of 3 months, extendable by another month depending on the circumstances, from the date of it being posted in the Journal. Anyone who feels that the trademark must be opposed because it might create confusion to the consumers can do so and the onus lies on the trademark applicant to prove the opposer wrong.

If an Opposition is made, the authority informs the applicant and the opposer to come forward, place their claims and conclude with the authority whether the trademark can be duly registered or the opposition is valid and it should be abandoned.

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When can one Oppose a Trademark?

If the trademark causes confusion among the people to distinguish between brands.
If the trademark or mark is not distinctive and unique in nature
If the trademark is similar or identical to an existing trademark.
If the trademark or mark is against the rules and provisions of law, as established in India.
If the trademark or mark is related or likely to hurt the sentiments of a particular religion, etc.

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