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What is a Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy is one of the most important documents for your online business, regardless of where you operate from; website, mobile app, and so on. A privacy policy explains to the users of your business what personal information you are collecting about them, how are you collecting it, and what you will do with that information, including how and if it will be shared with third parties and where it will be stored and the security measures that you will take to protect that information, from unwarranted usage.

A Privacy Policy gives an understanding of the rules that are followed while handling a user’s data and the method in which it will be managed. Having a well-drafted privacy policy ensures that no user can take undue advantage of you for no reason.
A Privacy Policy must include the type of personal information you collect, how you collect that information, why you collect that personal information, and how it will be used. It should also mention how that data will be stored and if it will be shared with anyone, information about your use of cookies, how users can opt-out of data collection, your contact information.

Why you need a Privacy Policy ?

Avoids Disputes
Personal information can be collected in various ways, for example, by giving users the option to create an account on your website or mobile app, sign up to an email list or newsletter, write reviews of your products or services. Hence, it is important to have a proper privacy policy enlisting all this to avoid any sort of issues in the future.
Clearly outlines obligations
Personal information can be also collected by third parties on your website such as payment services providers, analytics tools, advertising partners, or through the use of tracking cookies and other similar technologies and hence it is important to set the right obligations in case of a breach or malware that occurs out of general control.
No Bogus Claims
Having a tight-knit privacy policy on your website ensures that anyone trying to cheat you or deceivingly having bogus claims about their privacy information, the way is shared, etc. No claims can last if the privacy policy is well-drafted and duly agreed by the customer/user.

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